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I am a short-legged cat. I live with my big brother Minou and an overly attentive human. This is my story. Today is Friday, April 28, 2017

Munchkin welcoming committee


Sorry I've been a little short on blogging these days. Lots of stuff going on. There were a few months when Mom wasn't home for more than a week at a time. This time without her allowed me and Special Gentleman Friend to bond, bro-style. Now I'm a lap cat, but only for him. I've also started hissing at Mom occasionally. I imagine she might feel like a cat-mom failure or something like that.

ANYWAY, I also have a new bro buddy. Special Gentleman Friend's brother (we'll call him SGFB for short) has returned from faraway and romantic Tajikistan. He's crashing with us while he gets his own bachelor pad. He sleeps in the second bedroom, where I greatly enjoy napping in the laundry hamper and getting my fur all over Mom's clothing. (I never do this to SGF's clothing.) To welcome SGFB, I knocked over his air mattress and proceeded to deflate it with my tiny claws. It made him feel at home, I'm certain of it.

In unrelated news, Mom and SGF have started to call me Bad Cat. That's my new nickname. I'm sure they mean bad as in the Michael Jackson sense of the term, because if anyone's a thriller, it's me. Also, I wear white gloves.

Bad Cat

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