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I am a short-legged cat. I live with my big brother Minou and an overly attentive human. This is my story. Today is Friday, April 28, 2017

Movin' on up


Well, I've been a very busy little munch-man. Along with coming up with new, innovative ways to surprise Mom with hairballs, I've relocated. No more Mission for me, which is great, because I really hate convenient shops and restaurants, and you know how I detest sunny weather. Ahem.

As of this weekend, I'm in a foggier part of town. Yep. I decided to move in with Special Gentleman Friend, and Minou and Mom were allowed to join. I really, really, REALLY love SGF. A couple of months ago, I started following him around the apartment. If he sat on the couch, I sat on the couch. If he walked into the kitchen, I was hot on his trail. We are soulmates, aside from the fact that he's incredibly tall and I'm, well, incredibly short. Otherwise, though: kismet!

My new place has no kitty condo — that was unfairly razed! — but it does have a dishwasher. Frankly, I see no value in that trade-off. (Does trade-off have a hyphen? Remember when Mom used to be a "young, promising writer" and knew these things?) Anyway, you can't climb a dishwasher, so I have retaliated by climbing all over Mom and SGF while they sleep. Boy, do they love it! Especially at four in the morning when I loudly meow and pounce on them. "It's like we have a baby," Mom told SGF as he stumbled toward coffee this morning.

Housewarming gifts of catnip are welcome, by the way.

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Poor Milo! Maybe Mom will BUY you a kitty condo, if you are nice and give her your most precious and biggest kitty eyes! (Hey, I know you have those kitty eyes tucked in there somewhere. Use em! Zena takes out her puppy eyes whenever she wants something. You should see how often they work. It's ridiculous.)

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@Ellenora Sadly, a kitty condo seems inevitable if we want the cats to stop perching on our furniture. As usual, Miles gets what he wants.

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Milo, moving in with the SGF! That's a huge step, congrats! We've missed your blog, write more!

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@bingbingboom Thanks for the nice note. Miles Man will definitely be writing more soon! He's just been a little short on posting lately.


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